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The primary mission of Scotland Community Health Clinic is to provide quality health care to uninsured adult residents of Scotland County.

Thank you for supporting our clinic!

Scotland Community Health Clinic provides free primary medical care and prescription assistance for the uninsured and financially challenged adult residents in Scotland County.  Clinic support comes only from donations and grants.

Many of our patients subsist only on food stamps.  Many don’t live in their own homes, rather, they live with a relative or friend who might also receive food stamps and/or live on a fixed income.  Many of our patients are under employed with part-time work or unemployed.  Some might be self-employed but still have no insurance and minimal income.

Many of our patients suffer from diabetes and/or hypertension and had unregulated chronic conditions.  Often they had initially visited the emergency room only to learn that their blood sugar as well as their blood pressure was too high.  They received prescriptions they could not afford.  Because they lack health insurance they were faced with choosing food or choosing medicine.  But they have a safety net at Scotland Community Health Clinic.

Your donations and contributions may be
dropped off at the clinic or mailed to:
Scotland Community Health Clinic
1405-B West Blvd. Laurinburg, NC 28352

Donations may also be made via PayPal


Scotland Community Health Clinic gratefully acknowledges the support of Scotland County United Way and the generous gifts and volunterism of numerous community individuals.

Scotland Community Health Clinic provides essential medical care for its patients, helps to regulate their chronic conditions, provides medicine and diabetes supplies, offers health prevention classes and medical counseling, administers flu shots and provides follow up as needed — all at no cost to the patient.  

Our work helps to keep our patients out of the emergency room for routine care and provides a consistent medical home for them.  Your support now will ensure that the Clinic will continue to be there for its patients.  Please make your donation today.

Andy Kurtzman
Executive Director, Scotland Community Health Clinic

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